Friday, August 16, 2013

Well, well... my summer holidays are over! Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do as much art as I wanted, but at least I did some:

Here is my work in progress:
Squares / Quadrate

Material: Nail polish on paper (old book)

I also created some squares when I was on holiday. My daughter and me went to a creativity workshop for kids and we all ended up making squares:
 My son's square. He will be 3 in October.
 My daughter's square. She is 5 years old.
And the bottom two are mine!


  1. wow da habt Ihr ja geniale Quadrate gearbeitet!
    willkommen bei der Art Journal Journey!

    liebe Grüße


  2. Die Quadrat-Seite sieht schon jetzt klasse aus! Sind die kleinen Quadrage Inchies?
    Ciao Beate

  3. Nail polish, what a great idea! I've tried beetroot juice, coffee, tea, but never nail polish. It looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you! I love painting with nail polish, but the smell stays forever!

  4. That nailpolish looks great in the book. I've been wanting to do something with nailpolish myself, because we have loads and after a while you can't realy use them anymore....but I have difficulty throwing them out...
    Love the squares, great work from your kids as well =)
    xx Monique

  5. Your book pages look extra cool with your square art!
    and how fun that you found squares while on holiday with your children too...looks like it was fun!

  6. Quadratisch gut, sehr schöne Arbeiten!