Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello and Welcome...

this month I decided to take part in the Sketchbook Challenge and the Monthly Challenge in Art Journaling at the same time! So I had two themes (Less is more / Houses and Hideaways) in my head for a few weeks and my brain ended up combining them into one! And here it is:

I did a lino print that I printed on paper using my daughter's school watercolors again.
As the subject my brain decided to use a photograph that I had taken of a little arrangement of empty snail houses (which had been collected in our garden by again my daughter). The snails remind me of a great trip to Spain 11 years ago. We had a VW-Van and lived in it on out trip for four weeks - we even called ourselves sail since we always had our house with us. In the end we even bought little snail key chains to remind us of the trip.
With the print I wanted to use line only, since I wanted to do a piece with as little marking as possible: Less is more! But in the process I already decided on making another one next week with only lines...more line a stamp.

Thank you very much for dropping by!


  1. I love these! Especially the last one where you've added the subtle colour.

  2. tolle Idee mit einem eigenen Foto zu arbeiten - das mit der Wasserfarbe gefällt mir am besten!

  3. Lovely works! Especially I like the last one with color!

  4. Oohh eine wunderschöne seite,gefällt mir sehr!!!

    GLG Jeannette