Saturday, August 22, 2015

Flowers I

Hello there,

I can't believe I haven't been writing since May!!!! My life was quite busy lately - I went to Greece with my students and once our school year was over, went on a vacation with my family. With kids at home and my husband working there really wasn't much time to draw. But now I am back.

I actually did two water color paintings on my birthday:

I really wanted to do some flowers for:

Mix it Monthly:   August / September Mixed Media Flowers

 but then I saw a swan on my paper....

I also did some zentangle flowers, which my 7 year-old daughter wanted to color....

And I made a sheep for my son:
and a cat for my daughter!

and those for my mother in law.....
so I wasn't too lazy after all.

Have a nice week and more flowers soon!


  1. So much creativity to enjoy in your post.
    Your flower painting is really lovely and I am swooning over your wonderful painted swan!

  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed your swan was nice to see, that I wasn't the only one with a swan on the paper :)

  3. So viele tolle Kreationen, Anie! Die Blumen aber auch der SChwan sind besonders schön! Wie schön, dass du nun wieder mehr Zeit hast zum Malen! Alles Gute noch nachträglich zum Geburtstag!

  4. Not lazy at all! Wonderful works ~ on and all!

  5. Great swan piece and I really like the 'critters' you did for the kids - charming and fun!

  6. I love the beautiful flowers and swan and the wonderful doodles and how talented you are to do the crochet!