Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Alfons Mucha and William Blake inspired Art

today I want to show you some of my work that is/was inspired by the work of great masters.
(Art Journal Journey Challenge)
You probably all know William Blake and his poetry, but he also illustrated his poems. I love his poetry and when I first saw a copy of his handwritten and illustrated work...I wanted to do the same, but I am not William Blake - so my work turned out to be completely different and is still unfinished....

I also love the work of Alfons Mucha and Art Nouveau Designs fascinate me extremely. So I started a series of Mucha inspired collage-paintings... most of them are not finished - unfortunately...

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  1. Fantastic work! I love Blake's poems and art, and used to spend many happy hours in the Tate Gallery looking at them. Mucha is also fascinating, love your interpretations. Thanks for linking to Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  2. Wunderbare Ideen und tolle Arbeiten!
    Danke für' Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey!