Sunday, November 16, 2014

Autumn Leaves...

Dear Friends,

today I went on a bike ride in the woods with my family. The rain had just finished and had colored the forest in soft brightness.....the tree trunks almost black and the remaining leaves shining in red, green, brown and yellow!

Have a look!

I am a leaf on a tree
watching the sea as it washes toward the pebbled sand.
I grew up in spring lovely and green,
young and innocent.
I felt the warm rising power of the sun
And I experienced her passionate heat in summer.
Thirsty and burned I waited for the cold of night.
Now I am old.
I saw many people come and go
Children play
Heard the birds and the wind sing
Singing me to sleep…
Now I am old.
My days will soon be over
And I will drop down onto the shore.
I might get lucky
and the strong winter wind will blow me away
into the sea to find my final peace.
Next year my children will come
And see and hear what I once saw. 

                                                 - Anie Baum -
                                                        (Cyprus 27.10.2006)



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